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The Season in Review

When we launched in March 2023, one of the most frequently asked questions we got was, “What will NUSC do differently?” so let’s have a look.

Newcastle United have held numerous workshops throughout the season and NUSC attended them all to discuss our members concerns and feedback. Topics have included Home Ticketing, Away Ticketing and Atmosphere. We know that ticketing has been a hot topic amongst supporters this season and we continue to speak with the club and our members on this topic.

We are the only supporter group that attend every single NUFC first team fixture. We’re always happy for you to come over and have a chat with us if you see us around. Equally you can always contact us using the link at the top of this page.

We hope to see progress over the summer on these issues. We will continue to hold the club to account on these key topics that affect all supporters and provide feedback on behalf of our members.

We have also supported individual members as issues have arisen throughout the season. We have been able to offer advice and signpost to further support when required to assist our members.

We have met with members of the newly established Newcastle United Fan Advisory Board including the newly appointed chair. It was great to be given the opportunity to discuss the issues impacting supporters and meet some of the people that will represent supporters. It will take time to become established but we will follow progress closely and hold the members of the board to account.

We chartered planes for our trips to Dortmund (2 planes) and Paris (1 plane) and all at cost price for our members. We also ran a coach trip to Paris at cost price. Thanks to our travel partners who made it possible for our members.

Our events in Europe were a huge success. Each event was attended by thousands of supporters and the feedback was brilliant. Keeping supporters as safe as possible whilst having a great time was a main priority for us. Thanks to everyone that made it possible.

Pictures were beamed around the world on Sky Sports, TNT Sports and CBS Sports to name a few. Everyone that was there represented our city in the best possible way. It speaks volumes we’ve already been invited back for future European adventures.

We’ve arranged cost price coach travel to the majority of Premier League and cup fixtures this season.

Our domestic events meant we could support lower league football clubs. It was great to be able to visit lower league clubs like Chorley and Rochdale to support them financially. Special mention to another lower league club in Sunderland who rolled out the black and white carpet, redecorated their bar and even gave away free pints when they turned their own Wifi off.

We have built a great reputation in the game and clubs reach out directly asking us to visit in future. It’s great to be able to support the lower league clubs and is something we will continue to do when fixtures allow in the future.

We ended the season away at Brentford and took to the Thames with the Geordie Armada. 500 supporters enjoyed a boat party along the Thames in great spirits. It was our sixth Thames boat cruise and we are still undefeated. It’s always a great day and thanks to everyone that came for making it such a brilliant day.

We look forward to seeing you all again next season.